FitPoints – A Firechat with Dave Gusto

This is a guest post by Dave Gusto, who currently is the founder of FitPoints. FitPoints is an up and coming mobile application that aims to incentivize users to exercise more through the concept of "Fitness Points" Is the simple pleasure of completing a great workout enough to keep you going

A Look Back at the Wild Wild Currency War

This is a guest post by Arthur Doherty, who runs an asset management firm in Stockholm. Like Keith, I’m a born and bred Canadian.  Despite my nationality of birth, after living in the United States for upwards of the last fifteen years, I can quite confidently say this is a great

Schools Need a Change ASAP – Here’s How

With Media going completely wrong in our country, educators and parents have tonnes of responsibilities to ensure that generations are preserved and cultured smartly. In a country where media plays no responsibility to promoting a constructive thought process in young generation, a lot depend on how parents and educator train

Self Discipline is Self Empowerment

Do you feel your fitness routine is a chore or a fun hobby?  Are you energized about making healthy choices, or do you feel deprived?  Long term success is often determined by our attitudes.  But the good news is that taking control of your body and health can be empowering

You should be careful using WiFi at Airbnb

If you are staying in someone’s private home rental on Airbnb, you have to be cautious when using your WiFi. A person can easily poison the home’s WiFi machine. So, they can spy on the homeowner and the guests that come to stay here. It is easy for a hacker